Made in the USA

We understand that designing and manufacturing products in the United States makes us an anomaly. We take pride in doing this, not because we enjoy swimming upstream, but because we believe we can create and manufacture innovative and highly functional designs, and offer personal, responsive service. We want you to love our products and feel connected to how they are made.

Equinox Ltd. Design and Manufacturing resides in an old pajama factory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the one time lumber capital, nestled on the banks of the Susquehanna River, at the foot of the Allegheny Plateau. In this huge reborn building with large windows and thick maple floors we have been designing and building high quality outdoor gear and custom products for over 2O years.

Our combination of time-honored techniques and innovative technology provides products that stand the test of time. This approach gives you the best of both worlds, handcrafted quality with precision and attention to detail, made in the USA, it just feels right.

Why buy USA made?

Buying goods made in the USA supports American companies and protects US jobs. From the fabrics and elements we choose for each piece to the energy it takes to ship and deliver them, outdoor gear made in the USA means a smaller environmental footprint. Just a few of the many reasons to feel good about the Equinox gear you use.

Why manufacture in the USA?

Gear made in your own backyard cultivates and supports American manufactures and American jobs. Manufacturing here in the USA allows faster, less fuel-intensive shipping at a lower cost, reducing your environmental footprint. You can order small minimum quantites and receive them quickly.